Kontors - Turkcell
Can anyone tell me how to find out when my 'phone runs out? I have just attempted to put in 100 kontors. I can get the information as to how many are left in the 'phone, but I don't know if that was before or after I put in the 100. I got a message back saying "Talebiniz alinmistir", which I think loosely translated means "call taken". But does this mean I have successfully added the kontors? If so, (back to my original question) is there some way of finding out when this needs doing again?

I am in the UK. When putting these in in Turkey, you hear a message telling you the date. Hope some clever person can help me. Many thanks. Maisie

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Kontors - Turkcell
It hurts my head trying to remember all the rules etc;etc, so I leave my Turkcell Mobile there and when I next go, if the 7 months is up, armed with passport I buy a new number for 15 lira, add 250 Kontors and I'm sorted again for the next season.
Kontors - Turkcell
Dial *123# to see how many counters you have. "Talebiniz alinmistir" means request received - check your messages to see your new balance.

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