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Hi all

Im new to this forum, been reading a few interesting topics and so forth, great forum guys. Anyway im wondering if there is anyone that kitesurfs in Antalya or who knows of anyone that kitesurfs in Antalya, or who is particularly keen in getting into the sport.

Basically im pretty keen to do this sport as I did my course in 2005 but have not had the opportunity to kitesurf as there has been no one to kitesurf with. Hence the reason im looking for someone as its better and safer to kite with another person or more.

Any information please let me know. I will have to redo my course, I have a friend in Side who is an instructor and can give the course, I will however start my course from scratch again.

Come on people, Antalya is great in summer, what better summer sport can one ask for.



Kitesurf Antalya
Hi Siggo,
Welcome, sorry i don't know of anyone in Antalya kitesurfing!.. but my son is well into kitesurfing,he kite surfs in Gokova.

Regards Matty


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Hello Siggo and welcome to the Forum - I live in Side and in all the years I have been there I have never seen kitsurfing, although I have brought kites from England to Turkish friends and their children. I would suggest you try asking the guys along the beach, either in Antalya or Side, who do the paragliding and banana boats ... they would probably now. Alternatively, I would ask at the sports shop in Manavgat which is nor far from supermarket Tansas and down one of the small alleys between Tansas and Yapi Kredi bank on the main palm tree lined road of Manavgat. Sorry I cannot help further.

ian c

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Kitesurf Antalya
hi siggo i am going to Side late october on holiday and noticed you have a friend who is a kitesurfing instructor. Is it possible to put me in touch with him regarding lessons. Ian


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Kitesurf Antalya
Ian it might be best to PM him as this is an old thread.

The PM facility is at the bottom to the left of the post.

BTW Welcome to the Forum.


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Tolga's 'surf school' is actually nowhere near Antique Side...It is about a 10 minute drive and is located by Titreyengol lake.
I have attached a google earth image to pinpoint his exact location for anyone interested...Just don't waste your time looking for him in Side coz he aint there!


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Kitesurf Antalya
I'm interested in kitesurfing in Antalya ! Got my own equipment, any beaches out if season that are quiet enough to rig up the kit? Cheers

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