Hi All, just thought I would give you all a warning when buying electricals from Kipa. We bought a microwave it was a present for a friend, first time she used it it packed in!! so we took it back to Kipa on 18th September, they told us we had to take it to their Tecknical services which is situated behind the Turkcell shop on 25 metre, problem was they didnt tell us whic Turkcell shop!!!! Anyway we found it in the end left the Microwave and they told us they would deliver it back to us on 1st October, needless to say they didnt arrive!!! Phoned them and no-one could speak English and I wasn"t doing to well with my Turkish!!! so then I phoned Kippa they were not very helpfull at all told me to go back to Tecknical shop, so we went back they then promised to deliver it back to us in Mahmutlar on the 12th October, they didnt come!!! so on the Wednesday of last week we went off back to Kippa we say a lady there who phoned technical shop for us and said if we went back on the Friday They would give us a new Microwave!!!! so on Friday we went to Kippa again about 2pm was told to come back at 4pm so of course we did and guess what we didn"t get a new one!!!! they told us to go back to technical shop and get the other one it was now repaired so off we went waited over an hour while they repaired it and brought it home on the bus!!!! not easy!!! but the good news is it works!!! but we really are annoyed as we feel we were just being "fobbed off" all the time if it had been someone here for just a couple of weeks goodness knows what would have happened??? anyway we wouldn"t want to see anyone else go through the experience so please be carefull, It could have been worse could have bought a fridge!!!! haha,


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..guarantees in turkey are not worth the paper they are written on ..i bought an electric drill from(b/Q) koc tas ..and within a week it had packed up i spoke to some silly assistant more or less telling me ,the guarantee doe,snt count ..i promptly asked to see the manager ..and demanded a refund( i still had the receipt) he changed the drill for another one ..telling me i could only do this once... :becky:


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They also try the "we've got to send it away and you've got to pay the cargo charges" trick. I've had them try that on in Migros, Tecnosa and Gold Computers in Fethiye. Stand your ground and demand a replacement.


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I always find in similar situations what I call "The Dumb Insolent Look" works wonders. You just have to be prepared to make a statement and silently stick to it. I have always found Kipa excellent for refunds without questions.


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There is another thread on this issue stating that Guarantees from Kipa and Metro for electrical items are a waste of time. Buy Arcelik or Beko.


Hiya all and Happy New Year to all!!

Do Kipa and Carrefour do home deliveries in Oba, Alanya and if so, how does one go about it?

Also, do they do online shopping and if so, what are the site addresses?

Do any other shops do online shopping and home deliveries - heavy goods etc

Thanks for help

we have bought a couple off electrical things in kipa when we was at families in aydin and both of them didnt work properly, sometimes i think they sell 2nd's or things noone else can sell


Dont shopping in that companies (Kipa - Bim - Şok - Genpa) so much, if you are not sure %100 machine's company names (i mean for electronics). Kipa is selling cheap things, Koç Taş is so expensive you can find same things and same quality, more cheaper in Tekfen (Alanyum Shopping Center - Entry floor). Save your money dont pay for the market names


had the same problem. Bought dvd only paid 30 lire for it but didnt work,like you sent to techinal several times. In the end they gave me my money back. When I got back yo England mailed Tesco and explained what had happened,was told their policy is the same all over the world which meant they should have replkaced your microwaave or given you your money back!

Good thing was Tesco gave me £30 for my trouble.
Lesson learnt if they dont work take them back and dont budge until you get your money back!

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