Kids - when do you stop worrying about them?
The answer is clearly never.

I was talking to a work contact the other day and she told me she was now back working part time. She has 3 young daughters and she thinks they are now old enough for her to go back to work. However, she was finding it tough going as she was constantly concerned about them as they were out of her sight. I probably didn't cheer her by saying it doesn't get much easier as I have daughters in their late teens and the worrying doesn't stop.

I have been like a cat on a hot tin roof all morning as I agreed that daughter number 1 could drive herself back to Uni today to pick up all her stuff and move into a new place she is to share with other students. I was going to drive her there but am off sick at the mo (hence all my posts of late!).

She has been driving for a couple of years now and passed her test over a year ago but has mostly only driven local. The journey to Uni is around the M25 and M4! Nightmare! Visions of her little car surrounded by juggernauts! Anyway, she just texted me to say she has arrived and the journey was fine. So, worry over, until the next thing of course!


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Kids - when do you stop worrying about them?
A loving mother never stops worrying about their offsprings,because naturally the love will always be their right through to adulthood.


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Kids - when do you stop worrying about them?
Oh so true. Im glad your Daughter arrived safely. I must be a glutton for punishment because I have already done this before (Bringing up teenagers) and I have just started again with my 18 year old Grand-Daughter who has come to live with us, and believe me it is even harder than the first time, things have changed so much, kids are so much more streetwise (they think) than when my children were growing up.

She wants to stay out late, go clubbing, get into her boyfriends car !!!!! all of which I never allowed my Daughters to do.:37: and she is about to get her own car in a few weeks and start driving lessons, I will need a permanent prayer mat in the living room I think.

Then there is my eldest son who has just started a new relationship after losing his wife......... my youngest son who has a family and has been put out of work........ my youngest Daughter who has to drive every day to work along a very nasty eldest Daughter who ...........:splat:

so yes you are right, one never stops worrying about the children but hey thats life and I wouldn't be without it all for anything.


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