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Kemal Atatürk's speech at the 10th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic

Image"The Turkish Nation! We are in the fifteenth year of the start of our war of liberation. This is the greatest day marking the tenth year of our Republic. May it be celebrated.

At this moment as a member of the great Turkish nation, I feel the deepest joy and excitement for having achieved this happy day.
My citizens,

We have accomplished many and great tasks in a short time. The greatest of these is the Turkish Republic, the basis of which is the Turkish heroism and the great Turkish culture. We owe this success to the cooperative progress of the Turkish nation and its valuable army.

However we can never consider what we have achieved to be sufficient, because we must, and are determined to accomplish even more and greater tasks. We shall raise our country to the level of the most prosperous and civilized nations of the world. We shall endow our nation with the broadest means and sources of welfare. We shall raise our national culture above the contemporary level of civilization.

Therefore, we should judge the measure of time not according to the lax mentality of past centuries, but in terms of the concepts of speed and movement of our century. Compared to the past, we shall work harder. We shall perform greater tasks in a shorter time. I have no doubt that we shall succeed in this, because the Turkish nation is of excellent character. The Turkish nation is intelligent, because the Turkish nation is capable of overcoming difficulties of national unity, and because it holds the torch of positive sciences.

I must make it clear with due emphasis, that a historical quality of the Turkish nation, which is an exalted human community, is its love for fine arts and progress in them. This is why our national ideal is to constantly foster and promote, with all means and measures, our nation's excellent character, its tireless industriousness, intelligence, devotion to science, love for fine arts and sense of national unity. This ideal, which very well suits the Turkish nation, will enable it to succeed in performing the civilized task falling on it in securing true peace for all mankind.

The Great Turkish Nation!

You have heard me speak on many occasions over the last fifteen years promising success in the tasks we undertook. I am happy that none of my promises have been false ones which could have shaken my nation's confidence in me.

Today, I repeat with the same faith and determination that it will soon be acknowledged once again by the entire civilized world that the Turkish nation, who has been progressing towards the national ideal in exact unison, is a great nation. Never have doubted that the great, but forgotten, civilized characteristic and the great civilized talents of the Turkish nation, will, in its progress henceforth, rise like a new sun from the high horizon of civilization for the future.

The Turkish nation,

I express my heartfelt wish that you will celebrate, after each decade elapsing into eternity, this great national day, in greater honor, happiness, peace and prosperity.

How happy it is to say that I am a Turk!"

M. Kemal Atatürk, October 29, 1933


Kemal Atatürk's speech at the 10th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic
How happy it is to say that i am married to a Turk!
And love the country and its peolple.


Kemal Atatürk's speech at the 10th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic
Ne Mutlu Turküm diyene

It is so nice to display his speech in English on the forum; it is good for other to understand how much we still live each of these words today. For our foreign origin residences, we hope you will understand as we do, to understand his speeches, as the one whom was responsible for forming a great republic that you have chosen to make your new home. In which we share with you, our way of thinking, our way of life, and our way of living, it is awesome to include another idea about Atatürk, whom formed our proud republic and heritage, in which we continue to live each word today. We as Turkish extended our simple life and way of living to all of our new residences, and we hope you will cherish these moments as we do, as we wish to share with all. Thanks Umit I'm happy to be Turk.

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I am a Turk
Kemal Atatürk's speech at the 10th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic
I liked your comments Rubab, you write English very well, and I felt the strong feelings of the pride of Ataturk within you. Yes, Rubab, I too feel strongly the words of Ataturk in my being a Turk. Foreigners may wonder at the strength and depth of feeling that is held by so many Turks towards Ataturk since he has been gone for so long. But for us, holding his words and ideals at the forefront of what we do helps us to keep at bay those who would wish to tear it down and take us back in time or to a path led by another nation. Therefore, Ataturk's vision, and our Army founded by him, are our protection in this way of life as the Republic of Turkey with all the freedom of it's people. Without this vision held strong in our hearts, many of us knows what path a weaker willed nation would take. I am proud to have served in the Turkish Army as an officer and if the need ever arose where I would need to protect the Republic as it was defined by Ataturk, I would be first in line to take up arms or vote or make speeches.
here are some links related with Ataturk:

Here is a very good link for Father of Turks..


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Kemal Atatürk's speech at the 10th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic
Thank you Umit. I am sitting quietly in my office before the day begins and I have just read Ataturk's address. It's a beautiful piece and the pride in his nation shines through. As I think I mentioned to you I have read a couple of biographies of this amazing man who lives on in the hearts and minds of Turkish people. I am happy and proud to have been accepted and welcomed into a small part of his great country.
Kemal Atatürk's speech at the 10th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic
thanks umit...
...there isnt another country in the world that has such respect and devotion to its greatest hero.
the happiest time of my life has been here in Turkey living with my gregarious turkish man,and among many turkish friends.

mike and hilary

mike and hilary
Kemal Atatürk's speech at the 10th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic
Gave me goosbumps reading a speech by someone who was so proud of his country and people.
Such feelings are frowned upon by some in the UK nowadays.
If ever a country needed someone like the great Kemal Ataturk then
I nominate Britain (once known as Great Britain).



Kemal Atatürk's speech at the 10th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic
I to had goosbumps when I read the speach Turkey is a wonderful nation full of good and kind people. I understand the pride they have for Ataturk because we had
William Wallace.

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