Kadin Budu Kofte.....
Hiya does anyone know how to make KADIN BUDU KOFTE, it is known as Ladies Thighs. Really nice and slightly spicy meatballs i am sure all the turkish nationals know what i am on about

Many Thanks :) :)


Kadin Budu Kofte.....
Wonder what the connection is between the thighs and the meatballs?I dread to think :lol: :lol:
Kadin Budu Kofte.....
shouldnt be a ball shape though ..lol .. more the shape of a thigh .. its made like kofte but with cooked rice added to the mincemeat and finely chopped onions plus spices as mild as or strong as you like. bind the mix with beaten egg and shape into thigh ..not a ball!!
then fry and enjoy.

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