JUSTICE! is what we all want for the low lifes that are cruel, wicked & knowingly destroy the lives of others, none of them are 'Human' beings! & should all be treated in the same way they have treated others!.

Thank God, this poor lass & family have at least got some redress.

JUSTICE - We all live in Hope of seeing that achieved! :angry:
An example of a monster created by monsters..he knew what he was doing was wrong yet still did it.

There is also the ongoing trial of Mark Bridger the man who killed little April Jones in Wales ...and they haven't found her remains in spite of one of the biggest searches in the uk.
another sick pervert who had stacks of child porn on his computer...another one that should be locked up forever.
İt must be the most unimaginable horror for the parents to sit through these trials and listen to the nightmare of what their child went through.

do we ever really know what goes on in another persons mind when they can lie and cover their real character.
what was the Grandmother thinking of letting an alcoholic junkie 'baby sit' a 12 year old.


Evil monster can rot in hell as far as I am concerned!

About time these disgusting killers got a sentence reflecting the severity of the crimes committed and I hope that it will set a precedence for any other depraved beings out there that the law will find them and will punish them without leniency. Life sentences whereby the perpetrators get away with serving just 7 years or even less for these types of heinous crimes should never been given to the likes of Hazell or others like him.


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