Just a reminder folks.
Just a reminder folks.

1- The #1 rule is to show respect for all members.

2- Negative remarks based on race, ethnicity, or religion will not be tolerated.

The use of amusing banter is one thing, insulting a member directly is not amusing. Homophobic posts are not welcome as they will definitely inflame and upset many members, (rightly so), so please refrain from doing so as they will undoubtedly be deleted ans a warning may be given.

Although all members should be treated equally, not all members behave or post equally which is why some leeway is given when assessing/moderating posts.

If any member feels that moderation is lacking or a post needs highlighting then use the "Report a Post" button and state why you think the reported post needs moderating. We are all human and please bear in mind ,first and foremost, moderators are members, we come here and partake as members, we want to enjoy the forum the same as any other member.

Moderators think individually and some times we need pointing in the right direction. Mods can not read every post, we have a life. Please help mods to help you by using the "Report a Post" button, we will be notified, then we will look, then take your points on board; we may not always take the route a member advocates, but be assured we do take your point(s) raised onboard.

Posting complaints on the open forum regarding members as individuals or a members posts is against the spirit of any forum, TLF is no different, any such posts will no doubt be deleted.

By the way, mods are not carbon copies of each other, therefore we don't all think the same nor arrive at the same conclusions therefore any reported post is notified to all mods and a discussion thread is created for us to debate what has been reported, the majority decision is what we go by (true democracy or what?).

Let us all enjoy TLF as a friendly forum, where members can partake in interesting debate without worry, on a wide range of topics, and be amused and entertained by our resident wits.

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