July Jokes '22.
A Man starts a New Job, on a Building Site in New York .

The Foreman says, "Hey Buddy, you're a Strange Colour"..???

The new Guy says, "I am a First Native, American Sioux Indian"..?!?!?

The Foreman says, "We don't see many of your kind round here, go see the Gang Master to get kitted out".

The new Guy goes to see the Gang Master who is a Coloured Guy .

The Coloured Guy says, "Hey Buddy, you're a Funny Colour"..?!?!?

The new Guy replies, "I'm a First Native, American Sioux Indian".

The Coloured Guy says, "Don't see many of your kind around here"..

The New Guy replies, (now getting a bit irate).

"YES, and if you'd had all those frigging Cowboys in Africa, back in the Day. You wouldn't see many of your KIND Either".


July Jokes '22.
Not actually a joke just something I read recently which made me laugh

In Texas there are numerous Bail Bonds Companies all vying for business

As well as being competitive in what they charge apparently the other attribute that appeals to their customers is how fast they can get you released from.jail

This particular advertising slogan made me laugh-

"We will have you out before the soap hits the floor !!!"

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