Johnsons Pad - Brian!
Hi Everone

Sorry about my last post, I was not being rude and did not realize this was the intoduction pages and had just got the site address of Merlin and thought I was just talking to him.

My name is Brian and I brought a 4 bedroom triplex in Kusadasi last year and I love Turkey.

First went there last year because I found a cheap all inclusive holiday, had a great time.

Took a second holiday 2 months later to look for property, but this time I went to Overcik, but found it was a lot more expensive than Kusadasi, so I thought I must have been getting the prices wrong on my first trip.

When I got back checked out prices on the web and found that the prices were a lot cheaper in Kusadasi, so flew back out last October and brought my place.

Had a quick look on the forum and you all seem like a great bunch, look forward to speaking to you all.



Johnsons Pad - Brian!
Hi Brian, a big welcome from me, never been to Kusadasi but have heard nice things about the place. I suppose the only down side is that Merlin lives there.

:larf: :larf: :larf:

Welcome again Brian, I hope you enjoy the forum.


Johnsons Pad - Brian!
Gail said:
I suppose the only down side is that Merlin lives there.

Been toying with the idea of Bodrum for 2006.... Turgutreis has its appeal :lol:



Johnsons Pad - Brian!
greetings brian and welcome to the TLF,congratulations on your purchase in kudasdasi

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