Jet Clouds!!
We had blue sky and not a cloud to be seen until the 'rush hour' of jets overflying us to and from USA. Counted 10 of them at one time and their vapour trails make straight line clouds, no wonder we don't get much sun here in Wales. Now that has started me thinking where does all this rain that we get come from????





Jet Clouds!!
In the last few years Chemtrail sightings have become so common in some areas that there has been a public outcry for an explanation. You've most likely seen "contrails" left by high flying jets.Those thin white "scrapes" you see way up there are made by water vapor and occur between 10,000-30,000 feet. They last from 4 seconds to a minute and dissolve away in the direction they're made. As a kid it was fun to see one and watch the "skyscrapers" . There is current discussion that these regular contrails might be contributing to excess cloud covers and even weather-control as an inadvertent symptom of increased plane traffic - by this it is meant the 'regular air traffic' contrails made by the water vapor of high flying jets.
This isn't what we're talking about here. And sad to say, "they" know it, perfectly well but will parrot back the "all you're seeing is normal air traffic' line anytime someone demands an explanation to the Cemtrails. Contrails occur during specific atmospheric conditions or only in certain altitudes when it's cold enough to turn the water vapor to ice. This again has nothing to do with, nor explains why Chemtrails are seen during any and all weather conditions, at varying heights in the sky, during all times of the year, all across the US and other countries. Some are sprayed so low, people report smelling the chemicals in them. They major problem with Chemtrails is that they are making people very sick, and once you start noticing you'll see you don't feel too great after a 'spray day', either.

Source Chemtrails 101, More info at link below.

What are chemtrails?

And lots more here....

what are chemtrails - Google Search

From `World gathering for truth` website.......

Please copy this leaflet and distribute

Look up CHEMTRAILS on the Internet

WARNING: There is a spraying operation
underway over many countries, making
people sick, agitated and exhausted.

The government and mainstream media are covering up the fact there are aircraft on most days spraying a mixture which is very bad for people's health over many countries: the UK, USA, most European countries, Canada, Australia, NZ, etc.

Millions of people are filming the aircraft as they are spraying. Thousands of videos are at YouTube and other video sites. Many millions of people around the world are alarmed by this criminal spraying and are trying to find a way to get it stopped.

LOOK IN THE SKY: On most days you will see there are some aircraft which leave no trail or a short trail behind them (this is normal), and you will see other aircraft which leave a very long or continuous trail. If you watch for one hour, you will see the very long trails do not disappear, they expand in size, and eventually you can see that the white powder which makes up these trails has come right down to ground level, and covers the windows of homes, the screens of cars, etc.

The white powder has been analysed hundreds of times, and is shown to be a highly dangerous substance. We have all been breathing large quantities of this substance for many years. It has a very bad effect on all life, not just humans.

Look up CHEMTRAILS on the Internet
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Jet Clouds!!
The sky in front of the house has now changed from blue to a white haze(the main flight path).

At the back some interesting formations from the jets vapour trails.




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Jet Clouds!!
What I want to know is: what are you doing with having a blue sky anyway - you live in Wales!!!!!


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Jet Clouds!!
Look on the plus side Ian. You've got clearer skies over your house than we have over ours at the moment. We've got some big rainclouds lurking and we've already had some heavy showers this morning.


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Jet Clouds!!
Hi Ian. Great Pictures mate

I hear a load of snow is going to be dumped on you in the next few days.
Yes it's coming back with a vengence to Wales.

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