its never too late
a few of you know that i give Turkish lessons in Alanya and have now been doing them for a few months..since February..and we have a great time.

İve been amazed at the enthusiasm of one of the girls..she will be 75 on Friday.

Her name is Val and im sure her hubbie wont mind me saying this...hes a member here...she is the most surprising woman ive ever met.
i had doubts that she would be able to keep up..but shes surpassed everybody.

She does her homework faithfully, and asks me all sorts of questions about vowel harmony, the subject object verb of a sentence i have to keep one step ahead of her. Shes got to grips with suffixes and consonant mutation was a walk in the park for her. and after a session with the language shes off to curves(gym) for a physical workout.

So when you think you are too old at 45, 55, 65 think again..think of're never too old..thats just an excuse.:biggrin1:
its never too late
A lot of it is definitely down to the teacher!!!!!!
heh thanks em..i think they come for the show,the jokes the insults and the booze..but theyre learning as well..its should be a day on a tour operators itinerary :roundgrin


I've cliqued
its never too late
Wish I livednearer, I'd join - certainly desperately need lessons.

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