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It's a Farce
So another week-end over and two more burglaries. The Jandarma were seen chasing two culprits near Hotel 26 on Saturday night, the two lads hopped over a wall, the two Jandarma chassing were two portly to persist and gave up.
What a joke!!!

It's a Farce
At least the Jandarma were trying. Any idea what chance you would have of police even responding to a burglary call in the UK? I would guess the answer to my question would be NO Chance!
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It's a Farce
Well Done Villabaris, I so wish that people could get things into perspective when living; or on holiday over here. Yes we may have burglaries but we have very, very few people killing children, stabbings, rapes and all the other nasties that seem to be rampant in the UK these days. I would much rather live here and be able to walk out by myself at night safely, as I can in Dalyan than be in the UK where I didn't dare go out at night! When burgled in the UK we rang the police (3rd burglary despite alarms etc) and they just gave us a crime number and didn't even come to the house!!! Much, much better here. Anyway if all jewellery, money, phones, ipods, passports etc are kept with you or in a safe there is less chance of losing really important things. All household items can easily be insured and replaced. Lets face it if they really want to they will get in whatever you do to stop them.
It's a Farce
we was robbed in the uk 10 yrs ago took the police 6 hours to come and soco 2 days later it was a joke .we have been lucky here had our boat engine robbed a couple yrs ago but the police came right away and soco.didnt get it back but there was 14 robbed that night from the must off been a gang.but it is far much safer here.I can walk on my own in the dark wouldnt do it in the uk would be wary.

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