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Istanbul to Fethiye(Dalaman)
Thinking of traveling from Istanbul to Fethiye/Kas is the dolmus a lot cheaper than flying to Dalaman in mid march,Recomendations Please.

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Istanbul to Fethiye(Dalaman)
I would think flying would be quiet cheap if you book 12 weeks in advance,also alot more comfortable..............


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Istanbul to Fethiye(Dalaman)
It's an express coach service between Istanbul and Fethiye / Kas, not dolmus. Unless of course you want to take about 3 or 4 days to do the journey. :wink:

The coach journey from Istanbul to Fethiye takes about 12 - 14 hours depending on the departure time and operator. It's a further 1 and half to 2 hours from Fethiye to Kas. Prices start at around 40 TL.

You can get flights from Istanbul to Dalaman starting at 35 TL but that'll depend on a number of factors. You've also got to add the price of transfer from Dalaman to Fethiye / Kas into the equation.


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Istanbul to Fethiye(Dalaman)
Its a long coach journey . If it were me which its not . I'd fly into dalaman then get the coach to fethiye . not much difference in price .. But much quicker and far more comfy ....Diane
Istanbul to Fethiye(Dalaman)
If you're going to Kas you could also consider Istanbul to Antalya and then the local bus to Kas. I've done Istanbul to Antalya overnight many times - cheap, comfortable and a chance to practise your Turkiah on the other travellers!

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