Istanbul Residence permits

Australians seeking information on Ikamets – Urun Sureli Ikamet

We’re posting this having read all the excellent material on the website. These are the things we still aren’t clear about. Any help gratefully received. We have lived in Turkey before, but all the visa stuff has been handled by our employers. This time we want to fly solo.

• e-rendevous – how many weeks in advance do you recommend booking an ‘appointment’ to get an ikamet
• we have old ikamets, now two years expired. Should we have notarised copies of the relevant pages of these to take with us when we go for new ikamets?
• We will be applying in Istanbul at the enormous and crowded Istanbul Yabanci Polisi at the Eminyet. Has anyone experienced this lately and can tell us how long it took between the first appointment to get all your documents stamped and to make payment, and actually picking up your approved ikamet?
• If we get an ikamet independently on the basis of having an income (money in the bank) and then we get jobs giving us work permits, are our ikamets made null and void and new ones issued. We were thinking of getting 5 year ikamets but then read various blogs that suggest that getting a work permit involved getting an ikamet as well, thereby voiding any existing ikamet.
• We also want to bring in our household goods. If we get one year ikamets and then bring in our household goods, what happens at the end of the year? Obviously we would need to renew our ikamets, so then what do we need to do in relation to customs (gumruk)?
• We know we need a letter of guarantee over 10% (to avoid paying tax on our goods – other than bandroll tax on electronic items). However we have no idea what this letter actually needs to say, and what we are guaranteed for. Someone suggested we can get it from our local consulate, but our consulate has not been able to explain what this is.

Can anyone help with our queries? Answers to any parts or all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much


Istanbul Residence permits
Hi and welcome to the Forum from another Aussie!
hope someone can come along and help you,
though a search for residence permits and customs might give you some general answers.
There are other forums particular to Istanbul too.. ( sorry Tlf'ers')
good luck!
Istanbul Residence permits
Too many questions for me to answer all at once without half an hour to spare which I haven't got. I live in Istanbul and haven't worked for most of the time I've been here. The work situation now is truly shitty (two friends of mine have just lost their jobs)and unless you just want to live here and soak up the atmosphere and have loads of lolly then I don't advice you to come, sorry.


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Istanbul Residence permits
Check this out, there is a link to a prominent lawyer who can take care of your legal needs, it is towards the end of the page;

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