Istanbul - Republic Day Celebrations

My family and I will be in Istanbul on Oct 29/30. I understand that there is a spectacular firework display to celebrate Republic Day. Does anyone have any tips on the the best places to view etc. I think they may be by the Bosphorus Bridge somewhere.
How easy will be to get there from Sultanahmet, and back, on the actual evening with regard to traffic, crowds etc.




Istanbul - Republic Day Celebrations
I’m not sure where the fireworks go off but Ortakoy is a good place to see the Bosphorus Bridge so I guess its good place to see the fireworks from as well.

Here’s a picture I found on the net from a previous year taken from Ortakoy

Photo - Istanbul

To get there take the Metro/tram from Sultanahmet to Kabataş and either take a taxi or if you’re feeling energetic you can walk (I think it’s about 1 ½ miles). I don’t think there’s a promenade as such but large parts of the route you can walk along the waters edge which gives you great views of the Bosphorus, Dolmabache Palace, Galatasaray University and the Ciragan Palace hotel.

I’ve been past the Ciragan Palace Hotel a few times and they never seem to mind me wondering in and taking a look around, you might get a good view of the fireworks from there as well.

Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul - A Luxury Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey | Photo Gallery

I think they might put special ferries on for the firework display as well.
Istanbul - Republic Day Celebrations

Could you tell me what day this is on or is it both days we are there on the 30th & we would like to plan our trip to take this in.

Thank you


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