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Is this duty charge legit?
I work for a record company and we were recently asked by one of our artists to ship some CDs to her in Istanbul. The invoice with the goods was for the true value of £200 (40 discs at her artist rate of £5) + £40 FedEx charge.
Yesterday Fedex called to say that because of the high customs charges due (more than the discs were worth but no figure given), she had refused delivery and asked for them to be returned to us. For that pleasure we will be charged a total of $343 USD, or we can instruct them to destroy with no charge at all. So my question is, is this a legitimate charge - if so how can they charge more than the discs are actually worth - or is this just a scam because they hope we'll get them to destroy (and they'll go into someone's pocket)
Is there somewhere which will tell me what the duty rate should be please?
Thanks for any help


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Is this duty charge legit?
It is legit, but perhaps not fair. It is based upon a cut off limit for gifts, which I think is US$250, above that you have to pay duty.

They will assess the duty not on what you declare but on what they think the value is.

You will also be charged for a customs agent to put the stuff through.

I had the same problem last year with a personal order and in the end I just had to abandon it as it was not worth (financially) the fuss.

The CDs will go into the customs auction, where your client will be able to pick them up for a song (excuse the pun).



Is this duty charge legit?
We had an Amp sent over to us, were promised there would be no duty to be paid. We ended up paying more than the amp was worth but not sure if it was because it was electrical.


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Is this duty charge legit?
Thanks for your replies.

Depending on how quickly they go into auction I don't think they'll be around for it. They don't reside there, they're just visiting for a few weeks I think. Never mind!

A lesson has been learnt!

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