Is it a modem problem?
Have had base computer and lap top, using an Air Ties Wireless Modem, suddenly load 30-40 blank pages on the Internet all headed 'About Blank' The only way to stop it is to turn the computer off and back on again. Anybody else had this problem? Could it be wireless interference from another object? ie. remote telephone


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Is it a modem problem?
I had a similar problem which was a single page I had opened for example TLF would just keep opening and opening until I had to turn off the PC, however a few days ago I broke my wireless router and am now plugged directly into the modem (this is a PC not laptop) and the problem seemed to have resolved itself so maybe you are right, I'm sure someone with more computer knowledge than me will be able to advise.


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Is it a modem problem?
Well, just to mess with that theory. We used to get the same problem occasionally when we had a cable connection to our modem. Since installing an AirTies Wireless Modem, the problem hasn't re-occurred.
Is it a modem problem?
If this a well known virus how does it get through to my computer? In my main computer I have Kaspersky and on the lap top I have Avira Premium. And today I do not seem to have a problem. Surely if it was a virus it would happen all the time?

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