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Irish & Paddy Jokes.
Mick and Paddy were just about to enter Barclays bank when a plainclothes police officer with a sniffer dog stopped them. He inspected their bag, and asked what the cannabis was for. Mick replied that they were going to open a joint account.
Irish & Paddy Jokes.
Paddy rings the Fire Brigade, and he's in a Right State.

"Quick, Quick, come quick, my House is on Fire" -

"If you don't hurry, I'm gonna lose everything"..?!?!?

"Calm Down, Calm Down Sir", replies the Dispatcher.

"How do we get there Sir"..??

"BeJaysus", says Paddy,

"In your feckin, Big Red Truck,

"Along with Loads of Men, Sirens Blaring and about 6 Water Hoses".
Irish & Paddy Jokes.
A London Policeman, asks Two Drunks for their Names and Addresses..???

The First Drunk answers,

“I'm Paddy O'Dowd, of No Fixed Address”..

And the Second replies,

And I'm Seamus O'Toole, and I Live in Flat Number 6, right above Paddy".
Irish & Paddy Jokes.
Paddy told his Wife,

"He was getting a terrible Burning Sensation in his Anus"..

And he was worried, as he didn’t know what it was..???

She said, "Ring Sting"..

Paddy replied,

"And just what the feck, would an aging old Rock Star, know about my Arse Piece".???
Irish & Paddy Jokes.
Paddy from a remote part of Co., Kerry, was visiting the Big City for the first time.

He checks into his Hotel and the Bellboy takes his Bags.

He follows the Boy, and as the Door closes, he looks around and Shakes his Fist at the Bellboy.

"Young Man -- I may be Old and straight from the Village, but that don't mean I'm stupid...!

"I paid Really Good Money for this Room, and it just won't do at ALL"....!

"It's way too Small, there's No Ventilation, and No TV"..?!?!? says Paddy.

"There's not even a fooking BED"...?!?


"Sir, this is just the ELEVATOR"...!
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