Irish & Paddy Jokes.
I wondered growing up as a child in a Catholic Irish family.

"Does the Pope pay for his online shopping with his Papal account".
Irish & Paddy Jokes.
"Hello, Paddy here. Is that the Undertaker"..???

"Yes Sir, how may I help you"..??

"My Wife's just passed away. Could you please come and retrieve her Body"..?? says Paddy. 1f641.png

"My Condolences, Sir. Where do you Live"..?? asks the Undertaker.

"168 Eucalyptus Drive." Paddy replies.

"Could you spell that out for me, sir"..??


"How's 'bout, I just drag her to the Corner of OAK ROAD and you pick her up from there"..?? 1f642.png
Irish & Paddy Jokes.
Paddy was in his local Dart’s Team.

But he didn't know where to go for a Holiday, once “Lockdown”, was over.

So Mick, put a Map of the World, across the Dart Board.

And Mick told him, wherever his Dart hits, that’s where he would go..??

Paddy had a lovely Two Weeks, sitting by the Skirting Board in the Pub.
Irish & Paddy Jokes.
Paddy driving down the Motorway towing a Trailer, and he gets stopped by the Garda Traffic Police.

The Cop asks Paddy,

"OK, what's in the trailer Paddy"..??

Paddy replies, "Race Horses, cos we be going to the Leopardstown Races".

"But the Trailer's Empty"..?!?!? says the Cop.

"I Know". replies Paddy.

"Dat's cos, I'm taking the Non Runners first".

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