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I have recently retired and have just purchased a new apartment in Didim, which is only a few minutes from the Main beach and 2nd beach.

The apartment is nearly complete and may be completed within the next few days.

I have nothing but praise for the developers. One is Turkish and the other is British.

As I may be renting it out for a few months in the very hot summer months, can anyone give me some info on how to do it?

Is there a British community in Didim/Altimkum?

Is it Didum or Didim? Or are both correct as I have seen both used?
Maybe it's like Brussels, where we Brits spell it Brussels and the Belgians spell it Brussles. :laser:


Intro from Tommie
:high5: Hi Tommie, welcome to the Forum.
If you take time and go through the history of the threads on the Forum you will find more than enough info regarding Altinkum, Didim, and renting out your apartment.
Why don't you take some time to stay in it yourself, get to know the area and take it from there, enjoy the forum and a word of warning, it is addictive so be prepared to have some late nights!!

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Intro from Tommie
Hi Tommie, yes there is a big english community in Didim :) ..And if I'm not wrong Didum is the old name for Didim.

Welcome :)

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