International Driving Licence.
Forum members up and down the country has anyone been asked for an International Driving Licence??
Here in Kusadasi thats the latest purge the police are doing I know our UK Licence is only good for on year but they are insisting that we all apply for the Turkish licence 500TL more into their coffers. However the International Licence is much cheaper & covers Turkey about 50$ for three years.
It seems they have a think tank soley for the purpose of creating extra revenue from us Yabanci.:boohoo:.


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International Driving Licence.
You can also obtain them from the AA and RAC

International Driving Permit : how to apply for an IDP - The AA

RAC give information on the international driving permit

However, and I think it also applies to the USA issued one mentioned above, a foreign licence backed by an IDP is only valid in Turkey for a period of 90 days.
If you read the RACs info on IDP they state uk residency only. The USA online version with send it worlwide & will do 1-3 years the info Im giving is mostly aimed at the expats without a uk address. Its vey easy to apply for.


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International Driving Licence.
Granted, they'll post it to any address worldwide but the one you're advocating is a USA issued IDP and to apply for it you have to supply, amongst other things, photocopies of your valid US driving licence.

Most major motoring organisations around the world are authorised to issue IDPs. However, you can only apply for one in the country in which your ordinary driving licence has been issued and, the IDP isn't valid in the country of issue as proof of entitlement to a driving licence.

From Wikipedia
In the United States, the Department of State has authorized two private entities, the American Automobile Association and the American Automobile Touring Alliance's National Automobile Club as the only entities in the United States to issue IDPs. They advise against purchasing IDPs from unauthorized outlets, as these are sometimes fraudulent.
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