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Interior Wall Paint (Emulsion)
Can anyone help .

I wish to by some interior wall paint , but i am not sure what is what.I have looked through the tekzen and koctas leaflets which seems to have made it even more difficult. I have searched the forum and found some information but still not all i would like.

Can anyone tell me the following

what is "Astarlar" "cizgi" " yarimat" "su bazli " "ic cephe "

Tavan i know is ceiling so what is " tavan boyalari " and can tavan be used on walls

plastik or plastik flora does this mean it is wipeable as in the uk

any help appreciated


Interior Wall Paint (Emulsion)
Hi CC,

No guarantees on this, but

Astar(lar) = primer(s), undercoat(s)
Cizgi = line
Yarimat I guess is "half matt" or satin finish
Su bazli is water based
Ic cephe is interior (use)
Tavan boyalari is ceiling paints and whether you can use it on walls, your guess is as good as mine!
Plastik boya is a water based pvc emulsion paint. And yes you can wipe it - but not too much. That's what I use in the plastered inside walls of my house.

P.S. brush = firca (fircha)

Happy brushing!


Interior Wall Paint (Emulsion)
We have just painted our house and we used marshalls new washable paint and it dries to an eggshell finish .it says silkon on the lable and also instructions on putting water etc in is in english on the back .we got it in koc tas cost around 120 an well worth it just used over half a large tub and that was double coating a large hall an stair well .:3:
Interior Wall Paint (Emulsion)
I have used Polisan which is another good reputable make. Yes, you can get cheaper products but two painters I know always used it and recommended it to me. You can get matt or silk versions and nowadays they have english translations on the back of the tubs. Polisan Elegans is their top of the range. You can water it down (a favourite Turkish habit!) or it can be used straight from the tub if you need better cover, although it can be a bit thick! They also do gloss, parlak in turkish, and I have found just as good as Dulux for hardwear and covering. Also do a great woodstain/varnish for outdoor things like cardaks.


Enjoy Your Home :)
Interior Wall Paint (Emulsion)
You can prefer marshall. But you must choose it where you will paint in your house. If you need painter i can advise you.

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