in what name
morning everyone on this lovely rainy day
just a quick question for you
i recently moved so now live on a site with 2 blocks 14 apartments,the electricity for the outside eg pool,lights ect whose name should that be in ?
people who live here say it should be in someone who has a tapu but i dont think one person should have hs/her name on it
i think at the moment it is in the comany that built its name even though the properties are about 5 yr old
thank you


in what name
Is'nt there a seperate meter somewhere or maybe two that are connected up for the communal lights and pool, there should be!

Of course you are right the communal meter should not just be in one persons name or that person would have to pay the bill!! and he/she would be lumbered with trying to get the the money from all the other owners, LOL.


The Carnwath Massive
in what name
should be in the name of your site, with the committee taking responsibillity

in what name
yes we all pay a maintenance charge and i have ony just recenty moved in but neighbours that dont live here all year say that it should be in an owners name that lives here all year
i dont want it to be in just my name, they say the electric company wants to have a name on it but i dont think there is a problem with it being in the site name as long as the bill gets paid there should not be a problem
thanks all for reply


in what name
Well, tell them you dont have a problem with that and they can put it in their name lol. :heh:

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