In Just a Few Generations.
Just thought I would put this out there (hope the Admins don't Mind)..??

This is the True Story of 2 of my Neighbours here in Bulgaria, but both have a reference to Both Russia and Turkey.

When I first arrived here in 2008, I met my next Door Neighbour Roman, a very old Bulgarian man who sadly died back in 2020 aged 88. Over the years via a young local lad called Petur (Peter in English) who now is my Gardener/Fixer/Worker. At first Petur only spoke a little English that he learnt here, in the local School. He interpreted Roman's life.

Petur who is now 32 years old, (and at one time worked for 4 years in a Shoe Factory in Blackpool). Now Petur's grandfather is called Huseyin, and still makes the best Rakia in the area, or so I'm told. and Petur's Father is called Eyub, and Huseyin and co., moved out of Turkey as a lad with his family, as they migrated north back then, looking for work. So I asked Petur if he was Turkish or Bulgarian..?? His answer was - "It depends who is asking, is it a Bulgarian or a Turk".???

The story of ROMAN is that of a RUSSIAN (YES RUSSIAN) Tank Commander, along with Dimitar, his Brother, who was the Driver of a Russian Tank. Both lived and worked for the Russian Military here in our Bulgarian Village. And they were proud to have served the Russians back in the 60's and 70's as they saw it as an honour, along with the fact it gave them a good standard of living, with a nice 2 floor house and Land. He told of the times there were over 7,500 Russian Military men in our village with upwards of 350 Tanks & Armoured Cars. At all times with the State of Readiness at HIGH ready to attack TURKEY if and when the order was given. He said that on 4 occasions whilst he served with the Russians the order was given to mount up and attack TURKEY, only to be rescinded at the last moment as the got to the border (which is only 30kms away our village.

With many elderly Bulgarians here now in my Village that actually SUPPORT PUTIN and would openly welcome Communism back into Bulgaria, as against what the EU is giving them now, offers them in the future at this point in History.

Here below is part of an article taken from the "Sofia Globe".

Some laid flowers in honour of the Soviet Soldiers and others laid Flowers in Memory of the Victims of Communism. On September 9 2019, interpretations of the Red Army invasion of Bulgaria 75 years earlier remain as deeply divisive as ever.

On September 9 1944, the Soviet Union invaded Bulgaria, which in 1941 had become part of Hitler’s Axis but which in August 1944 had declared itself neutral in the war between the Nazis and the Soviets.

The Red Army invasion opened the way for Bulgaria’s post-Second World War communist regime, which held the country in its thrall until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. In the years of that regime, extra-judicial killings, the People’s Court process and harsh conditions in prison camps left an estimated 30 000 Bulgarians dead. Especially targeted were figures connected with the former monarchist regime, as well as intellectuals and others perceived as political enemies.

On September 9 2019, the Sofia branch of the Bulgarian Socialist Party – the lineal successor to the Bulgarian Communist Party – was involved, as is customary, in celebrations of the anniversary.

These celebrations involved wreath-laying at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier and the Soviet Army Monument in Sofia, while BSP Sofia leader Kaloyan Pargov was to attend the opening of the Russian embassy’s controversial exhibition, which initially was entitled “75 years since the liberation of Eastern Europe from Nazism”.

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