In Istanbul on my way to Alanya
Hello All
I am not new to this forum, I was in Datca last year met some wonderful people through this forum.

I am American and this is my 10th time in Turkey. I am currently renting an apartment on the Asianside of Istanbul Selamicesme.

I would love to meet with someone who is currently living in Istanbul. This is my first time to stay on the Asian side and I love it. I am thinking of living in Turkey in the near future.

I'm off to Alanya on Sept 16th, so need to meet up with someone soon.


Portland Oregon USA

Contact me via PM please
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In Istanbul on my way to Alanya
If I'm allowed to write this without getting deleted (the post, not me), you could try the forum which seems to be populated mostly by expats and also locals living and working in Istanbul. It's called sublimeportal dot com

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