Immediate Immunity to COVID-19.??
WOW.. The pharmaceutical company "GRIFOLS" from Spain, will test a Drug that can provide IMMEDIATE IMMUNITY against COVID-19.

Based on the immunoglobulin Gamunex-C, it will be tested in 800 asymptomatic, but positive patients from tests for the diagnosis of coronavirus. Spanish multinational company Grifols, which specializes in the pharmaceutical and hospital sectors, has announced the start of a clinical trial of a new drug that can provide immediate immunity against coronavirus disease after contracting SARS-CoV-2.


Immediate Immunity to COVID-19.??
What we desperately need is something that stops the spread of the virus and gives a dose of commonsense to the covidiots at the same time.
The series on BBC1 with Clive Myrie (running in the 10pm news slot) are dreadful beyond words, especially his interview with the highly skilled and qualified staff working in the hospital mortuaries. no-one ever talks to them, or about their work.
Immediate Immunity to COVID-19.??

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) expects to release its COVID-19 vaccine data soon, which could result in an emergency use authorization before the end of February. Chief executive officer Alex Gorsky on an earnings call Tuesday said the data is expected to be released “early next week,” boosting optimism for the company whose vaccine could be a game changer. The single-shot vaccine would cost no more than $10, a significant discount compared to the two-dose vaccines currently on the market. The vaccine does not require ultra-cold or frozen temperatures for storage and is easier to administer. The news is also welcome as vaccine supplies remain strained amid unprecedented demand.

Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested the vaccine could get authorized shortly, in a similarly-expedited timeline as that of Moderna (MRNA) and Pfizer (PFE)/BioNTech (BNTX). “I would be surprised if it was any more than two weeks from now that data will be analyzed and decisions would be made,” Fauci said on MSNBC last week. J&J is also conducting a two-dose study, which is likely to have results available toward the end of the year, and the company is keeping an eye on emerging variants of the coronavirus, Gorsky said.

The question of whether or not vaccines will stand up against new variants is still largely unanswered, though Moderna provided some insight into the most concerning to-date— the B.1.351 variant from South Africa. The company saw its vaccine hold up, but with some loss of efficacy, prompting a plan to create a booster that specifically addresses the variant. Experts say the results for Moderna, specifically, are comforting, but could be a problem for less effective vaccines globally. The South Africa variant has not been confirmed in the U.S., but experts suspect it is already spreading. A new variant originating in Brazil, known as P.1, was confirmed to be in the U.S. Monday by the Minnesota Department of Health.
Immediate Immunity to COVID-19.??

Trial shows new vaccine prevents 100 percent of deaths after one dose. BRITAIN'S coronavirus arsenal is on track to receive a major boost after Janssen said its jab prevented 100 percent of hospitalisations and deaths among its trial group.The vaccine, made in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, aims to make one billion doses in 2021. The UK has ordered 30 million doses of the vaccine which are expected to become available this summer if it receives regulatory approval.

On average it showed 66 percent 66 efficacy but this fell to 57 percent in South Africa which is battling a new virus variant and rose to 72 percent in the US. But nobody who was immunised had to go to hospital or died during the 28-day follow up. Unlike other Covid vaccines each patient only requires one jab meaning this is enough to inoculate nearly half the UK population. Britain has ordered 154 million vaccine doses from a number of providers, enough to inoculate the entire country nearly three times over.

So far three vaccines - designed by Pfizer-BioNTech, Oxford-AstraZeneca and Moderna - have been approved for supply by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. The first two of these have already been distributed whilst the UK expects to receive its first supply of Moderna vaccines in March. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the news puts Britain in “pole position to protect our population and make sure we get out of this pandemic”. Separately American pharmaceutical firm Novavax has announced its vaccine is 89 percent effective.
Immediate Immunity to COVID-19.??
Experimental cancer pill derived from a poisonous plant could stop Covid in its tracks, scientists say, Thapsigargin is effective against coronavirus, the common cold and influenza A. University of Nottingham scientists found the drug is an effective antiviral.

Drug has previously been used in trials for glioblastoma, an aggressive cancer An experimental cancer drug derived from a poisonous plant could stop Covid-19 in its tracks, researchers believe. Nottingham University academics claim thapsigargin should be effective against the coronavirus behind the pandemic and others that cause common colds. The drug, derived from the 'deadly carrot' thapsia plant — which is deadly to cattle and sheep and found in the western Mediterranean, is being trialled against prostate cancer.

Trials also found the drug — which humans will be able to take as a pill if proven to work — to be effective against coronaviruses that cause the common cold, as well as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and influenza. Researchers believe the drug's effectiveness against a range of respiratory viruses could make it particularly useful in the coronavirus pandemic. Rather than targeting coronavirus specifically, the antiviral could be used to inhibit the development of a range of viruses that trigger similar symptoms.

What is 'the 'deadly carrot' thapsia plant and how has it been used in medicine?

Thapsia garganica is a flowering plant found in the western Mediterranean coasts. The plant has long been used in traditional medicine, including as a pain reliever in Algeria. But it gained its common name, the deadly carrot, from its toxicity to sheep and cattle in ancient Greece

Thapsigargin is a chemical compound isolated from the plant, which has been used in cancer research.


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Immediate Immunity to COVID-19.??
I have been rough with side effects from the vaccine, thought if anyone would, it would be me, it was what I was worried about. Not too bad now, but dreading the 2nd shot, obviously will still have it, as this virus is not going to go away.

It was mentioned in one thread about avoiding certain food and drink, before and after the vaccination, this is not necessary, you are given a leaflet explaining everything and this was not mentioned at all. Also, you are given a card with the dates and vaccination given, that you keep and can carry around with you.


Immediate Immunity to COVID-19.??
Hope you are feeling at lot better now Struggs. You can now buy fake NHS certificates which say you have been tested and are negative and therefore good to board a plane and fly. Someone was caught at Luton (I think) airport using one of these fakes on entry to the U.K. My goodness, these crooks are quick off the mark ! They cost up to £100. If caught these scammers should spend a considerable time in jail.

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