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We want to buy land and build our own property on the south coast. When looking at arsa (land) on some websites they mention "Imar". My wife Ozlem has an idea that it means that if the land has no "Imar" then the government can take posession of a portion of the land and as an example build a road through it.

Can anyone shed light on this for me.

Hi Joe,

Your wife is correct in that if the land has no "Imar" then you would be taking a big risk as the government can take back the land.




hello holy
yes your wife is right
unfortunately also government can take all land as well
So if no imar then the land is no good
if the land has imar then when you parcel the land, nearly 19-20% of land goes to green area
Hi Ya,

Many thanks for that.

I've noticed that on some land for sale there is shown e.g. 10% Imar. Can you put this in to laymans terms for me. I had the idea that with 10% imar you could only build on 10% and the rest must be green area as Eileen says. Is the 10% and the imar two seperate things rolled into one(I know I sound stupid but I know what I'm trying to say. he,he)?

Thanks again
yes again you are right there are areas that only allow a certain % of the land to be built on and this can vary from say 10% to maybe 50%
Hi Speedy,

Can this percentage ever be increased. I've found some land that is showing 10% Imar. I have the idea of building my own home. This particular land is a total of 1700 m2 which means that I could only build on 170 m2. How many m2 would you consider for a decent sized house containing about 8 bedrooms etc. Sorry I'm asking you because I read in one of your replies somewhere that you build houses;).

Best Regards

your best bet would be to make sure a search has been completed on the land and then take the plan of the land to an architect who can advise on the build for the land

Hi Paul,

After I wrote the note to you I thought it was a "how long is a piece of string" question. Sorry.

But thanks for the reply.


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