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hi everyone, Im new to this site but am so pleased I came across it.

I fell in love with Turkey a few years ago and have been with a Turkish guy for 1 year now. Although we will soon be facing the trials and tribulations of getting him a visitors visa to UK I am contemplating whether I should settle in Turkey.

So Im really looking forward to not only contributing to the Forum but also hearing all your own experiences and advice.

güle güle for now.:5:


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Hi Taylok and welcome to the forum.

Good luck in your visa application.

Just some advice..be really thorough in the process, don't leave anything to chance and make sure you tick all the boxes, dot your "i's", cross your "t's" etc etc..

If there are any slight anomolies/concerns regarding the application-then the greater the possibility that it would be turned down..

This was advice given to me at the British Vice Consulate here in Antalya when i was considering the pros/cons of settlement in Turkey v's FH coming over to the UK.

I also met with another Brit with a Turkish boyfriend who's visa application was turned 3 times and with no explanation to why.

Needless to say it's far easier to come and settle in Turkey than the other way round in terms of visa issues..i can of course only reflect upon my own experience. I'm fully aware each individual's situation is different and merited on different circumstances.

However, i am happy to discuss my own trials and tribulations regarding my journey here if both you and your boyfriend have any questions/issues and feel this would help.



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A big welcome to TLF - word of advice - tell your b/f not to leave it till the end of season to apply for his visa - cos loads of waiters apply then and many our refused
Where is your b/f based ?
We are in Yalikavak


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Hi everyone

Thanks for all your welcome messages. This forum business is all so new to me aswell (I know Im a bit behind the times) so will probably spend a few days perusing the site and see what there is.

In answer to lucky cat 68. My b/f Erkan lives in Izmir, he works in the family coffee house they own most of the year but also spends some of the year in Bodrum. I really like Izmir but I think if i settled there I would prefer Bodrum......I can tell you the longer I sit in my London office job the more appealing it is to up sticks and just do it.

Hopefully chat to you all soon


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Hi Taylok, welcome to the forum,

Would be great if you could do summer season in Bodrum and winter in Izmir, all those shops and malls :).

Dont know much about Visas, my husband refuses to leave his country and quite frankly, I dont want to either!


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welcome taylok! I'm also new in the forum but I'm really experienced with visa applications and I've applied for my visa in Turkey from Izmir. Its really frustrating sometimes in case you need any help let me know. Dont worry about the visitors visa, but for the future use I recommend to start collecting and keeping documents, correspondence and pictures of you together.


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Hi again,

I tried to reply from pm but somehow my message doesnt seem sent, did you receive? I tried at least 4-5 times today:(


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Re: pm

Hi Sezin,

Yes thanks I did receive your reply (6 times..I thought I had suddenly become very popular...ha ha).

Ive responded to you aswell.

Thanks again ecveryone for your good tips. I will keep you updated.

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