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if you were me where would you go
Everyone my name is martin craven. Last year my wife Beverley and I visited Turkey twice, first in july and later in the year at the end of October. We live in Blackpool and when we visited Turkey we stayed just outside Marmaris. Now if you know Blackpool then you will know Marmaris. It was fine i would never knock it, it serves a purpose as a really great holiday resort. While we were there we visited the area around dalaman and loved it.
So this is the question for all of you. If you could move or visit anywhere in Turkey it could be for a holiday or a holiday home or retire, for whatever reason it might be.
What is the main reason that you are where you are, and if you could be somewhere else just where might that be.
Later this spring we are coming over for a week with the intention of finding a holiday home and buying it.
We are learning all the pitfalls we might come across through this site.

so if you were us and had your choice of setting up home anywhere..where might that be



if you were me where would you go
Hi Martin and a warm welcome to the forum, what a lovely position to be in, starting out, wish I was starting out again.
I chose Altinkum, probably wouldn't be everyone's choice, but I like it.
Good luck for your search, choose well, choose safe and above all continue to use this forum to research your dream.


if you were me where would you go
Hi mate and welcome

It really depends on what you are after. I had a place in a large town Fethiye which was amazing and now I have a wee house in a small village which is fantastic.

Its hard to compare them against each other cos youre not comparing apples with apples

Are you after busy, quiet, rural urban....?


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if you were me where would you go
Well if you haven't booked your hotel ......If it were me i'd have a touring holiday by car or bus , and i'd go from dalaman along the coast road all the way to alanya , and fly back from Antalya , along the way you'd see Kas Kemer Kalkan and lots more , But you'd miss bodrum and the penninsular , Which is lovely , Of course you could go past Marmaris to Datcha area another beathtaking area , And i wouldn't buy i'd rent maybe 3months here 6 months there and when i got a feel for the place and fell in love with it only then would i start to look at buying property , ust when you think you've found paradise you drive a bit and find it around the next bend
Wellcome to the Forum ..................Diane


if you were me where would you go
hi, we came to Turkey for the first time on an inspection trip to Alitnkum. all we knew was we wanted a place to spend our retirement years in and to holiday now. We chose Akbuk, not too far from the nightlife of Altinkum, but the peace and views are just our paradise we yearn for in retirement.

So all I can say is consider what you are buying for and go for it and of course use a reputable agent.

welcome to TLF and enjoy.


if you were me where would you go
...I would definately make a list of places, work out what you want (chances are you will change your mind if you happen to see 'the one' one the way)....many kind folk on here followed my house buying adventures will know I started off in Mahmutler - down in the south east and travelled up through Fethiye and Calis...all round the Bordum Penninsula (twice) before settling on Datca. I lost quite a bit of money after putting down a deposit and then getting cold feet. But that was my own daft fault.

Have to say I love Datca and have had 2 happy years hopping back and forward to my house. One simple question that - do you want to be near tourists and be able to get british breakfast...or do somewhere a bit more authentic..
Not sure if it will help but you can check out my house on The Datca House - after looking you might decide no way do we want to be that far from the airport lol

Lots of peeps will be happy to help whatever you decide -
Debs x
ps welcome!
if you were me where would you go

Turkey map and where I live.


if you were me where would you go
Welcome Martin.

I reiterate what others have said about taking your time. Unrealistic for you to see everywhere. Read as much as you can and narrow down your search to a few locations and rent for a while in each of those areas.

Make a shortlist of "must haves", e.g.

Accessiblity: Do you want to be near an airport; frequency of direct flights winter and summer, etc.

Village/Town/City: Which is your ideal? Bear in mind that most of the resort towns will be buzzing in the summer but many practically close down in winter.

Turkish or Foreign: Can you live without daily contact with expats who will share much of your outlook on life or would you rather leave it all behind.

Coast or Inland: You live near the sea. Is that what you want in Turkey? The Turkish coast is magnificent but so too are the Turkish mountain regions.

Getting around: There's some ambiguity about whether you can own a car without taking out residency. Check out your options for getting around during winter and summer.

When you have narrowed down your search to about two areas, rent for a few months in each before buying a property.

Our Turkish property is strictly for holidays. It's in Guzelcamli, about 12 miles south of Kusadasi. I won't ever live in Turkey but if I did I would opt for city life (maybe Izmir) or a town (maybe Selcuk) not right on the coast but not too far inland. Only you can decide what's best for you.

Good luck with finding the right place.


if you were me where would you go
I have always wanted to visit Trabzon

I passed through Trabzon once. Wasn't there long enough to form a proper opinion but the fleeting impression wasn't good. Have been told that the weather in the Black Sea area isn't the best.


if you were me where would you go
Turkey map and where I live.

TurkishTurkish, I thought Sinop was a lovely little town.

I’ve been to Trabzon a number of times, I found the city centre is a little run down, typical big sea port, but it had loads of character, the people are particularly friendly. To see the real beauty of the area you need to get out of the city to places like the Sümela Monastery, ayder, camlihemsinn etc.

It bet its a mare getting regular flights from UK to Trabzon, probabaly have too fly to Istanbul and get an internal flight from there.


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if you were me where would you go
take your time and rent , if you buy it is hard to sell at the moment . if i had my chance to start again i would live in yalikavak, a small town near bodrum. its on the flat and easy to walk round , and close to all the shop,s and bar,s . but really it all depends on what your looking for . by the way i used to live in st helens had lots of good holidays at blackpool


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if you were me where would you go
Above all, take your time, don,t be seduced by the beauty of Turkey until you have made up your mind.


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if you were me where would you go
Then I would rent for a year, look around, and buy when you are sure, there is so many thing to consider about.
Anyway welcome. :cheer2:


if you were me where would you go
Hi Martin,
I also would give the same advise as other forum members, the forum has a hive of information, we followed quite a few suggestions that helped us on our way to buying our dream home in Turkey.
We bought our villa in Akbuk almost 2yrs ago, and it ticked all the right boxes for us.
Akbuk is a beautiful bay with the mountains behind and the agean sea in front. With a mixture of local Turkish famlies, resident Brits, Turkish and Brit holiday homes. We have been lucky enough to have spent a considerable amount of time there during the last 2 yrs, therefore seeing all the seasons, and the coming and going of the holiday makers.
For us it's a place that has everything we need, from the local restaurants to the small hardware shops, the market every Friday for everything you may need from fresh fruit and veg, plants, clothes ect.
Getting about is never a problem as the dolmus buses will take you anywhere, or you could always get a scooter, like we have!!
Bodrum airport is approx 3/4hr away over the mountains, the drive itself is a fantastic experience.
If you prefer a busy nightlife Altinkum is only about 25mins. away. We have a rather large family with a varied age group, our 18 to 25 group enjoy the nightlife in Altinkum, so they feel they have the best of both worlds!!
So from presonal choice we would not want to be anywhere else.


if you were me where would you go
when we used to visit Turkey for holidays we always came down to Marmaris or Icmeler, Icmeler later as Marmaris became too busy. We once tried Side but was'nt impressed. Then on one holiday someone took us down to Akyaka on the Gokova coastline and we were smitten. We bought a property just outside Akyaka in a village called Atakoy four years ago and would not think of moving anywhere else at the moment. We are 30 mins from Marmaris, 30 mins from Mugla, 45 mins from Dalaman airport and have may village markets around us. The beach is perfect, the scenery spot on and its not too commercialised.

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