Icli kofte

my husband and kids came back from Turkey recently and announced that their favourite food is Icli kofte and could I find out how to make it. I've had a quick look on the internet, and the recipes I've seen seem to have quite. . . , er. . . odd ingredients, which differ quite widely. Does anyone here know how to put it together?


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Icli kofte
Ill get the info from me mother in law if no one else comes back with it! Seems to be the realy small grains of bulgar made into a dough with the mince mix inside. Can have them just baked or baked then fried - Baked then fried is the best!! :) x


Icli kofte
My 11 year old daughter made them with my sister in law recently, so I reckon I need to get in there quickly with the ingredients so that it can become 'her' thing before she 'forgets' how to cook them!

I'm not sure that I'll be able to sit on the kitchen floor to do the preparation like my sister in law does though!
Icli kofte
Hi there Firebrand...this is my weakness..and the reason for my extra pounds(stones) hah
its very hard work making them..ive helped women down in Hatay several times the crust is made from mince and bulger which is kneaded together for ages to make it like a paste.. and the stuffing also take a bit of time to put together and cook its mince onions garlic parsley spices etc.
You can get a machine to make the cases now its like a sausage maker and it cuts the work in half. you pinch one end fill it and then close the other end and fry them..or if you want you can bake them in the oven either way theyre great.


Icli kofte
Hi Firebrand, I love them too. My MİL has been known to make them and send them to us! I have tried to 'help' make them with her, but I just don't do it right. I had a try at home once, but they just didn't work out.

The way she makes them is with bulgur and water for the outside. This is shaped with the mince filing inside. The bulgur used for this is important, but I don't know which one it is. I bought 'köfte bulgur' but it din't work. My MİL, fries mince, onions and adds some parsley too. Her filling is pretty basic, oh and red pepper flakes too. Hers are absolutley delicious. Then she puts them in a pan of boiling water to cook them. My hubby then likes them dipped in egg and fired.

Made myself hungry now.



Icli kofte
Thanks for the replies. I'm not sure I like the sound of the hard work bit though . . .

If anyone does have a fail safe recipe to pass on I'd appreciate it.

My sister in law is a very good cook, but finds it very amusing whenever we cook together and I whip out my notebook to write down the recipes, saying things like 'exactly how much of that do you put it?'

I do find cooking so much easier over there where all the women and girls muck in together to get the cooking done collectively. Mind you, it is usually a case (in my in-laws house at any rate) of feeding the 5,000 so you need plenty of hands.
Icli kofte
Hi firebrand there is an 'easy' alternative to making the cases and this is to makes the bulgur mix spread it on a tray cover it with the fıilling mix and then top it off again with the bulgur mix. this is then baked and when cooled cut into squares.heres the ingredients for the cases or topping whichever method you use..and meat is traditionally used in the cases as well as the filling.. just bulgur and water isnt the same

the ingredients for the filling:
1 kg koyun kıyması kilo lamb mincemeat
8 - 9 adet orta boy soğan v 8/9 medium onions
1 paket margarin + 100 gr margarin pkt margarine
1 çorba kaşığı silme biber salçası heaped soup spoon pepper paste
1 tatlı kaşığı karabiber desert spoon of black pepper
1 tatlı kaşığı tuz desert spoon salt
250 - 300 gr ceviz 250/300 grms walnuts

the ingredients for the cases or topping
Dış Harcı İçin:
250 - 300 gr yağsız kıyma (dana kıyması) 250gr lean beef mince
5 su bardağı köftelik ince bulgur 5 water glasses of fine bulgur
2 su bardağı su 2 glasses of water
2 yumurta 2 eggs
2 su bardağu un 2 water glasses of flour
1 çorba kaşığı biber salçası 1 soup spoon of pepper paste
1 tatlı kaşığı kimyon desert spoon of cumin
2 tatlı kaşığı tuz 2 desert spoons salt

So thats what you need and the cooking and blending of all these is the same for cases of ''sandwich type '' köfte and the cases
if you want the method let me know
you can see from the ingredients that this will make a lot but whether squares or rissoles they freeze well.
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