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IBC-How many women have heard of this?
A couple of years ago in Canada I developed a rash on my breast. It happened very quickly, progressing from a small patch of skin to a large area in a matter of days. It was hot to the touch and painful and so off to the doctor I went. He prescibed antibiotics, but after a few days it was getting worse and almost my whole breast was covered by this rash. After I talking to some other female friends, one of them told me what her sister was going through : Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She told me to go to my doctor and talk to him about it fast as it is a very fast spreading breast cancer. My doctor proceeded to call the cancer clinic in my area who made an appointment for me the next day. I was lucky, it did turn out to be a rash and it turns out I was allergic to the antibiotics but I did find out how unaware women and even healthcare providers can be about this type of breast cancer. My friend that told me about this type of cancer has since lost her sister to it. Anyways back to IBC. Today she sent me an email that has a video I would like to share with all of the women here to spread awareness of this type of breast cancer.

To view the video go to komo news. Incase you are wondering this is a Seattle, Washington, USA, ABC NEWS affiliatted television station. Once at their website you can read the story or watch the video. The link for just the video is The Silent Killer: Inflammatory Breast Cancer
IBC-How many women have heard of this?
My God.I've never heard of it before.Very frightening.Many thanks for bringing it to my attention,as my mother had breast cancer (she's fine though) & i've been to the Breast clinic many times with suspect lumps.You can never have to much information on this.I'm going to spread the word to all family & friends.

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