i thought it was about time
to introduce myself :28:
my name is debra i have been living in fethiye for about 3 years, i rented an apartment till recently and then i decided to buy so now i live in deliktas with my turkish partner and our little pug puppy (who is now snoring on the sofa and i have given up telling him to get off)
my favourite place is olu deniz and if i could live there i would, i had been coming to turkey for about 10 years before i decided to come out for a few months and 3 years later i am still here
in the summer i am so busy with friends that i have made over the years coming on their holidays and my good friends that come and stay with me,i am mostly down in olu deniz as my partner works down there
i have learnt so much from tlf and i thank everyone for the information that i have used especially when i decided to buy my apartment even though within a few weeks of living in it i had a disaster the maintenance company emptied the swimming pool and flooded my apartment, i was so sad and even now i am still unhappy ,waiting for it to dry out and spending money that i really didnt need to, it took my happiness away from owning my 1st home , i know it cant happen again as they know not to empty the pool like that again ( if anyone has any good tips about helping dry out my apart i happy to listen)
anyway wishing everyone a happy hello and keep the posts coming


i thought it was about time

I used to have an appartment in Deliktas

Its a great area, out of the town but handy to everything

I hope you get things sorted and really enjoy your new house


i thought it was about time
Hi Debra and a warm welcome to TLF, I too hope you get your troubles sorted and all will be well.

ted j

i thought it was about time
Hi Debra. Nice introduction, Hope you get your place dried out soon . I know how you feel, we had a really bad burst a few years back, it took ages to dry out, we just kept wiping the damp areas with old towels, and aired it as much as possible (it does dry out eventually !!). Ted


i thought it was about time
Debra, I've no idea if it is possible to hire a machine which dries out the apartment / home after flooding.
On our street in Northern Ireland summer before last after horrendous freak flooding the houses opposite me were damaged considerably, after they were cleared out of possessions the residents hired machines (not sure of the name) which assisted in the drying out of the walls etc.
I do think it was expensive enough though but very effective.
Most of my neighbours lost all of their possessions and fittings on the ground floor.
It was one of the saddest things to watch, the flood water rising and not one thing on earth anyone could do, my side of the street was saved as we sat on ground a little higher and had much more of a raised front to the house.
I'm not sure though if such a machine is available in your area.
Good luck with drying out your apartment.


i thought it was about time
Hi Debra and welcome to the forum , glad that you are joing the fray, and that it has been helpful.
You are in a lovely area, and I agree Olu is superb- spent a season repping there when there were hotels ( and bars :) only on the front
Sorry to hear of the flood disaster.... was just talking with a friend whose apartment got flooded in the heavy rain- just came through the back wall ( against a hill and higher gardens), she was regretting havng sold her dehumidifier - but that worked well. Was bought in Metro-Bodrum.
İf you get sunshine on your outer walls read the Solarventi thread here - the solar panel worls well , better investment too- for warming.

Good luck
i thought it was about time
these machines are called "dehumidifiers" and are very good at drying out properties.
i dont know if they are available in turkey but maybe if you checked out your nearist d.i.y. or builders or plumbing supply stores.
hope this is of help to you and sorry that this has spoiled your excitement of owning your first home. but it has happened and unfortunatly you cannot change that. try to stay positive and look forward to enjoying your new home.

just remenber, THIS TOO SHALL PASS.
i thought it was about time
thanks all, we managed to borrow a de humidifire for a couple of weeks but never found one to actually buy, i really could do with it as it is winter and the sun is not warm enough also my property is ground floor and lower ground floor so it is a bit lower than normal
we just had the fitted wardrobes taken out and the carpenter rebuilt them for me he bought them back today and i am so impressed,where the water had got in them the smell was awful and would of got worse and that is my fear having a smelly damp home
but like you say it is done now and i must look forward and make the best of it
thanks everyone xx


Golden Girls
i thought it was about time
Welcome to the Forum Debra, sorry to hear about your apartment, hope you can dry it out. Same thing happened to me twice, had to buy new furniture, even if I had not used or lived in the apartment, wash all the bedlinen, and I still have a bad smell in the kitchen. :28:

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