I lost the sea!
I took the dogs for one of my usual walks this morning on the clifftop above Hastings.
Bear in mind that I am not a morning person and this was about 7.30 a.m. by the time I had been walking for a good 20 minutes, all the time feeling that something was missing.
And then it clicked - the sea was gone, missing, not there any more.
It had been replaced by thick cloud/sea mist right up the the base of the cliff face. I'm used to seeing a sea mist, but not like this one, the whole sea had dissapeared, no horizon, no shore-line, no nothing. End of the world kind of thingy.
It was really quite un-nerving because I felt that instead of walking on a familiar cliff above the sea, suddenly I was walking on a mountain top in Wales or somewhere where the cloud reguarlly sits below the top of the land.
Yes I do realise I should take more water with the Dearly Beloveds' home-made brews, but I think I'll go back tomorrow just to ensure the sea is back where it should rightfully be.

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
I lost the sea!
It's that time of year, very mistifying, I lost the field where I walk Monty every morning today, it was just a white plain, no grass, just a misty hue. I think you'll find the sea again tomorrow, lol


I lost the sea!
yes i know what you mean we had the same up in dover, but yesterday evening just before sun down the cliffs disappeared . I find fog and mist very frightening , it is so disorientating , you lose all sense of where you are when walking or driving in it.

I notice this morning that we have red skies, shepherds warining , but i hope the sea is back in place for you. xx


I've cliqued
I lost the sea!
And yesterday I lost the Kaya Valley completely. Had to phone KKOB to make sure it was still there!!!

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