I bet you didnot know some of these facts !
* In terms of population, Turkey is the second largest country in Europe (after Germany), with 70+ million people. In 2020, it is projected to be the most populous European country, with a population of 83 million.

* Four million Turks live abroad. Of that number, almost 2.5 million live in Germany.

* Geographically, Turkey straddles two continents, Europe in the west and Asia in the east.

* The two continents are divided by the Istanbul and Dardanelles straits, which are located in Turkey.

* Turkey is unique in being on the one hand Balkan and European, and on the other, Middle Eastern, Caucasian and Asian. It is also as much a Black Sea country as it is an Aegean and Mediterranean one.

* Another unique aspect of Turkey is the fact that it is the only democratic, secular country among the Muslim nations of the Middle East.

* In addition to being a pioneering country in the Islamic world, Turkey has also become fully integrated into Europe since 1923, when the Republic was established. She is a member of almost all European/European-related institutions, such as the Council of Europe, OSCE, NATO, OECD. Turkey has been an associate member of the European Union since 1963 and a candidate for full membership in the Union since 1999.

* Turkey has the second biggest Army in NATO after the United States.

* Turkey also entertains relations of strategic cooperation with the United States.

* Turkey lies in close proximity to 70 percent of the world's proven energy resources and is a prospective regional centre for storage and distribution of oil and natural gas.

* Turkey is among the world's 20 largest economies ( 6th in Europe and 17th in the world ) and she is a member of the Group of 20 countries.

* The Turkish economy has been identified as being one of the 10 significant emerging markets by U.S. sources.

* Turkey is a prominent producer and exporter of many commodities.
Here are some examples:

* Turkey is the leading cement producer in Europe and the seventh-ranked producer in the world.

* Turkey is the second-ranked producer of glass-made items in Europe and fourth-ranked producer in the world.

* Turkey has 40% of the world marble reserves.

* Turkey is the second-ranked exporter of jewelry in the world.

* Turkey is the world's leading supplier of processed leather.

* Turkey is the second-ranked supplier of textiles and garments to the EU.

* Turkey is the fifth-ranked carpet exporter in Europe.

* Turkey is the sixth-ranked cotton producer in the world.

* Turkey is the world's principal supplier of hazelnuts, chickpeas, fresh and dried figs, and apricots.

* Turkey is the second-ranked supplier of cherry and watermelon in the world.

* Turkey is the second-ranked producer of pine tree honey in the world.

* Turkey is the second-ranked supplier of red lentils in the world.

* Turkey is the third-ranked producer of tomatoes and second-ranked producer of tomato paste in the world.

* Turkey is the third-ranked producer of olives and fourth-ranked producer and exporter of olive oil in the world
* Turkey is the 3rd biggest Yatch builder in Europe and 8th in the world.
* You can still find wolf, wild bears, eagles and wild Mustangs in central and eastern Turkey
* Turks originate from north west china and share the same culture, language and history with countries like ; Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Chechnya.
* Most known figures in Turkish History are ; Genghis Khan, Kubilay Khan, Attila and these names are still very popular in Turkey
* Turks created 17 Empires in history and the longest lived empire was the Ottomans over 800 years . They controlled from central asia to central Africa and to the borders of Vienna.
* Napollion had to ask the Ottoman Emperor’ s permission to become the Emperor of France


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I bet you didnot know some of these facts !
Thanks that was very interesting and informative. Learned quite a few things from that.


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I bet you didnot know some of these facts !
Thanks for that.
Similar full Link here: Fest Travel

I was particularly interested in the Ottoman Empire at school. Very interesting country with a fascinating past and unique geography and culture that make sit rather appealing.


I bet you didnot know some of these facts !
In this remarkable lland Alexander the Great rewarded his armies after each victorius battle with a feast followed by those three outstanding superlatives of life... wine, women and song...

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