Humour, Rude not Racist
Once upon a time Badger and Toad went down to Soho to see the Nightlife.

A few days after their trip they are discussing their exploits.

Badger tells Toad "I went to China Town, and now my Prick has turned all Yellow",

Toad answers, "What a coincidence, so did I and my Prick has turned all Yellow as well, but I’m visiting the Hospital tomorrow, why don’t you come along too"..???

Sure enough, next day they both go down to the Hospital,

Toad goes to the Receptionist first, explains his problem, and is directed to the STD department,

Next Badger goes to the Receptionist, explains his problem, and is told to go to the STD department, as well.

"OK then, and which way is that"..??? Says Badger,

The Receptionist replies,

"Oh, just follow the, YELLOW PRICK TOAD"..
Humour, Rude not Racist
Just got my Balls out at the Hospital,

But they have no idea, what this Big Red Rash is..??

Hopefully the Doctor will come and see me soon,

Because this Young, Fit Receptionist is useless.

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