Humour, Rude not Racist
I spoke to my Wife earlier,

I said, "I saw a Woman on the Bus, with her Tits Out, feeding her Son."

She said,

"It's the 21st Century, and that's only natural, in this day an Age"..

"Natural..? Natural..???" I replied,


"She was Feeding him Chips"
Humour, Rude not Racist
A Young Apprentice is late for Work one morning.

And so, the Foreman calls him into his Office.

"Why were you late for Work”..?? he asks.

"Err...well boss, I had to give my missus a Table Ender". the Young Lad replies.

"What's a Table Ender"..??? asks the Foreman.

"She insists on it, Boss..! She lays on her Back on the Kitchen Table and I have to give her a good seeing too".. says the Lad

"Well, that's no excuse for being late for Work".

The next day, the Lad's late again and this time the Foreman is ready for him.

"Well what's your Excuse this Morning"..??? the boss asks.

"Same as yesterday, I'm afraid". says the Lad.

"Well now, I gave my wife a "Table Ender" this morning and I wasn't late for Work, now was I"..??? says the wily, old Foreman, emphatically.

The Young Lad frowns and then asks,


"No, but is your Kitchen Table, on 4 Well-Oiled Castors"..???

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