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How to make chinese pancakes
Chinese pancakes for 6-8 people

10oz (275g) of plain white flour
8-9 fluid oz (225-250ml) of very hot water
2 tablespoons sesame oil

Put flour in large bowl. Gradually add and mix in hot water. Add more water if mix too dry. Remove mix and knead well with hands until very smooth. This takes just under 10 minutes. Put dough back in bowl and cover with damp cloth. Leave for half an hour. Take out and knead for another 5 minutes and dust with a little flour if it's a bit sticky/gungy. Make it into a log/swiss roll shape and cut into 18 equal-ish pieces. roll each bit into a ball.
Ok! Take two balls.dip one side of ONE into sesame oil and then plonk the oiled end onto toip of other ball. (like a snowman). Roll them out together (with oiled one on top). Rolling them out as doubles helps them stay together and pliable, so contents don't escape!!!! Roll out to about 6-7 inches in diameter.
Heat pan/wok on low flame. Put doulble pancake quickly in and dry one side, flip over and do the other. Take out of pan and peel double-pancake apart.
Steam ;to reheat...or wrap tightly in double thikness foil and drop into boiling water and remove sharpish. Oven dries them out. John got this recipe from K Hom cookbook (swears by it).

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