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How to contact Didim tapu office to check ownership
Does anybody know the telephone number for the tapu office in Didim? I have just bought an apartment (signed contract and applied for military permissions but not yet got tapu)

My solicitor gave me a copy of the seller's tapu showing that he owns it but there is not a date on it so I thought this could be an old one and he could since have sold it to somebody else? Also, can anybody tell me what 'Kat Irtifaki Tesisi Isleminden' means as this is what it says on the copy of the seller's Tapu that I have been given. Also, the copy of the tapu specifies the apartment number but the size of land is much larger than the size of my apartment is and it then says land share 12/148. Does this mean that my apartment size is 12/148 out of the whole of the land? Is this what the tapu should look like?

Also, my estate agent informs me that military permissions were applied for the day after we signed the contract but I want to check for myself that they have been applied for. How can I do this?

I am nervous because my contract was never notarised and I have had mixed feedback from people I have told in the past. Some say this does not matter and it would stand up in court anyway but some say my contract is worthless if it was not notarised. However, I have a copy of the tapu showing that the person who signed the contract does own the apartment, I have a copy of their ID which shows they are who they say they are and the signatures match and I also have a receipt from the seller confirming he has received the money. So if he did refuse to transfer the deeds, surely any court could see what has happened and agree to put the deeds in my name?

Also on the note of the government stopping issuing tapus to people in Didim, I don't understand why? What does this mean for me? I really wanted my tapu as soon as possible so I could stop worrying.

Thanks in advance


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How to contact Didim tapu office to check ownership
'Kat Irtifaki Tesisi Isleminden'Something to do with ..floor sharing a plant process

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