The Carnwath Massive
how things change !
I have been having a sort out of old holiday photos, and was looking for some of yalikavak from 22 or so years ago, only found one so far but found others of other resorts on the peninsular, the first is the back drop of gumbet from a water sports platform that was anchored in gumbet bay and boy have things changed
The big development on the right of pic one was classed a bodrum overspill by the locals then !
If you look slighly to the left you can see the dirt road that led from virtually the main bodrum turgutreis road down to gumbet beach

gumbet 3 1988.jpg

gumbet 1988.jpg

gumbe 2 1988.jpg

If you were to stitch these photos together it pretty much shows a good chunk of gumbet bay prior to the rush for development.
As I come across other resorts I will post them on this thread, pretty sure the next was Bitez before any building !

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