How much to pay for a daily worker?
When I first settled in Turkey I was always wondering how much I should pay for people working for me on a daily basis (for cleaning the house, working in the garden.....) It was an headache and I was always wondering if the money I was giving was too much or not, asking their opinion to neighbours and local friends and always collecting different rates.

Since many years now I have decided to use my own system on the following basis:

Minimum monthly gross salary 531 YTL
Net for the employee 380 YTL
Cost for the employer after tax, ss... 645 YTL
+ cost ofpaid holidays

Therefore if I was employing on a monthly basis it would cost to me 26 YTL for 25 working days. I think I have to pay a 20 %bonus for a daily basis (cost of opportunity for me and compensation of precariousness for the worker).

Therefore my minimum basis is 31 YTL.

On another hand the market monthly net salary for a waiter in a restaurant in touristic areas is now about 600YTL.
This means a monthly cost of 1018 YTL, 41ytl per day, plus my 20% bonus =49 YTL.

Other fact: almost nobody in touristic areas is paid on the minimum salary bases.

That means I have to pay around 40/60 ytl per day, depending on the technical difficulty of the job, the ability of the worker.. For an "usta" it can go up to 70ytl.

I could probably pay less because most of those daily workers need urgently money to live, and would accept few money,but I prefer to pay according to my system. I am sure it is logical and fair, and I feel comfortable with it.

I change my rate when the minimum salary change. Very simple, no more headache.

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