How has the Recession affected you?
We have a Kitchen Fitting company and, at the begining of the year, we thought it was going to be a bit lean on the work front meaning that we might have more time to tour in our new motorhome.
Well that hasn't happened.
We actually got ONE WEEK! The rest of the time we have been booked solid, even last week I was turning away work because we are now booked into January 2010 and thats how its been all year.
I am mindful of those who have been made redundant, I've been there myself in the past and its a scary experience, but I'm actually seeking the opinion of those with thier own business, like us, who are wondering if we have just been very very lucky or wether there are some businesses who seem to have done particuarlly well possibly due to the low interest rates.
We know from customer comment that many belive that anyone in the construction industry (Kitchen Fitting comes into that catagory - loosely) will grab any job with both hands and do it at knock down prices - oh, and start tomorrow. They can't believe it when I tell them that the soonest we can get on site is January 25th 2010.
Yes I know, having put it into words it will all come to an end on January 26th!


How has the Recession affected you?
Our business unit in our company has been affected a lot by the downturn in the housing market. We sell a lot of document archiving software into the architect and building market. The consequence of that is that our national team(i'm a systems consultant)has been reduced from 6 to 3 over the last 2 years and I have just taken voluntary redundancy. Other business units haven't been affected nowhere near as much.


How has the Recession affected you?
I have 2 businesses, One a retail schoolwear shop which seems to have been unaffected, the second a Car services company (airport, corporate runs etc) which has been affected quite badly.


How has the Recession affected you?
Glad to hear some good news! Maybe people who may have moved are improving their homes instead because the housing market is so flat?

I work in the promotional items & business gifts trade and we have took a hammering! marketing budgets are always early targets for accountants looking to save money! We have recently lost our 3rd biggest distributor in the UK along with many small & a few middle sized ones aswell. A few Suppliers have gone and nearly all have made some redundancies.



How has the Recession affected you?
My Business is precision engineering,
Six months ago we felt it was going become tough for us, so we primed all the guys that overtime would stop and they may have to be painting, cleaning and anything else we could find them to do in the workshop, although we suffered a downturn in turnover and profit we have been able to keep everyone employed so far.
And we still have not started painting.
There seems to be signs that things are moving and then it all goes quiet again.
Just got to hang in there and make the best of it.


Bolton Born and Bred
How has the Recession affected you?
I have two sons living in England, and can see the recession from two sides. One son has been unemployed for 16 months, whilst the other, a self employed joiner, is turning work down. I hope this continues for him, and I havent tempted fate by saying it on here!


Completely Chillaxed
How has the Recession affected you?
I seem to remember that during the last recession, people stopped moving house and decided to extend or improve their properties instead.

Kitchen fitters, loft extension companies, double glazers etc and the DIY stores had a boom period.

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