How fast is 2G (Edge?)
I'm about to fork out on a new iPhone as a luxury birthday gift for my best friend. He lives in a small village where 3G is only available in the centre of town and he lives outside the centre. None of the providers have 3G outside the town centre and in my experience, Turkcell are the best of all the providers. They tell me he can access the internet by 2g (Edge) but it will of course be slower.
My question is: how slow? He doesn't want to watch videos or use Skype but mainly surfs the net, especially Facebook and uses msn messenger. I have heard that 2G is certainly faster than the old dial-up but obviously not as fast as 3G. Will he be waiting 5 minutes to load a web page or is it not as bad as that?
If anyone has experience of using a 3G mobile broadband service (either on their mobile or using a dongle/portable internet) and can tell me whether it's possible or so frustrating they gave up, I'd very much like to know before investing a lot of money in this.

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How fast is 2G (Edge?)
Purchased a 3G dongle from turkcell 2 weeks ago, good for msn and skype can watch some videos etc if signal strong. as i cant get a land line its the best option ,so I'm very pleased with it
How fast is 2G (Edge?)
Sorry, that wasn't the question I asked:)
I meant that my friend is in a no-3G reception area but Turkcell says he can still get 2g. I wondered if anyone has tried the 3g dongle service in a non-3g reception area?


How fast is 2G (Edge?)
I'm currently using a Vodafone TR EDGE connection (using a Turkish Vodafone 3G Dongle, in an area where there is no 3G coverage).

Here are my test results from
Download Speed: 0.20Mb/s (about 3 minutes for a 5MB file)
Upload Speed: 0.09Mb/s
Ping: 420ms

Not lightening fast, but functional.

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