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How can i buy a car in turkey?
Hi All;

I am new Member Greetings to all you Turks and Brits. Please try and give me some advice.

I wish to bring some of my personal goods from London i.e furniture, hi-fi etc approx half van full whats the best way?

Will I be better off bring my car a small Jeep to Marmaris where I purchased an apartment or buying one Locally?

My first impression of Turkey for the past 9 months coming and going and trying to settle down is one of peace and freedom.

People tend to leave you alone to get on with your life, very difrent to what I am used to in central London.
Trafic wardens, CCTV, Pcso's, Phone box's full of Cards and road constant works.

Is my impression of Turkey likely to stay the same or am I going to be trading places?

Please advice;::



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How can i buy a car in turkey?
Welcome to the forum Firefox. I'm sure you'll find the answers to most of your questions have already been answered at length in previous posts. Spend a bit of time using the search facility.


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How can i buy a car in turkey?
Welcome to the forum Firefox. I am sure you will find all the answers to your questions on here, but if you have difficulty there will be someone who can help. I hope you find happiness in Turkey and do not feel that you want to return to London.


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How can i buy a car in turkey?
welcome Firefox

I am not sure if you will leave ALL stress at home as the red tape etc in Turkey at times can be considerable

You will get answers and good advice on this forum
How can i buy a car in turkey?
we have lived in marmaris for 7 yrs.its a different world to the uk.the only problem you will find is sorting paperwork.takes time and patience.we did bring a range rover over when we first came no problems coming in but you have to remove the car after 6 months.which we didnt know.we wouldnt do it again big mistake.we bought are furniture here.we love living in marmaris had no regrets.i would recommend you rent first to see if it suits you can be very quiet in winter months.good luck.


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How can i buy a car in turkey?
Thanks a bunch for your honest reply. does life get a bit boring and uneventfull some times?

It seems a world apart from city life in London,

Do you have any problems with Red tape and Local goverment?

Please be most kind as to advise further on best way to ship goods from Uk.



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How can i buy a car in turkey?

Welcome to TLF. As the others have already stated, you'll find answers to many of your questions with a good search of previous posts.

I would like to address the boredom concern. You'll need to ask yourself about your expectations of life in Turkey. Like everywhere else in the world, there are positives and negatives. It really depends on what your expectations are and waht you make out of your own situation. Have a plan and make the best out of everything.

Good luck.

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