House Tax
I have a question I could do with some help with,

I own a house on CO-OP Sitesi. This is a Holiday home, My Turkish Brother in Law has said all I need to pay is the Site Fees and House tax at the council offices in Manavgat, which is a few pounds a year and House insurance, Is there anything else I need to be paying???, I have not been asked for anything by the Site chairman ar anyone else for that matter , do I need to pay council tax for instance?
Any help would be appreciated. In a nutshell, The house is a holiday home on a co-op, what would be the useual tax payments,

Many Many thanks
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House Tax
Your brother in law is correct, you need to pay:-

Site fees (Aydat) to your sitesi.

Property tax (Bina Vergisi) to your local council, this is basically the council tax you referred to, but in Turkey it is a fraction of what you pay in UK. In my area it is due by end of May every year with the option to pay in 2 x 6 monthly instalments, best to pay it all in May and be done with it, The cost depends on the size of your villa, the declared value when you bought, whether there is one person named on the Tapu or 2, and of course whether your local council are spendthrifts or not, ask a neighbour what they pay, that should give you a rough idea but yours will probably be different.

House Insurance (Ev Sigorta) you are required by law to have earthquake insurance (Dask), any additional insurance is optional.

Electric & Water of course, when they read your meters, easiest way is to set up a DD with a Turkish bank.

And that’s it - unless you have house phone or Digiturk TV etc.

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