hotel or villa ??
hi all.

we are going out to akbuk in oct and as our new property might not be finished i will need a place for four adults to stay.
any hotels to recommend or appartments/villas.?


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hotel or villa ??
Bought this to the top again, lets hope it gets a little response this time.

Come on you Akbuk members.


hotel or villa ??
Sorry we don't have any knowledge of that particular area. What we would advise however, is to go for a hotel instead of renting a villa. The setting up of your own villa will be hard work, shopping for everything, remembering everything etc etc etc and at the end of a long day it is a lot more relaxing to crash at a hotel than start cooking your own dinner in a rented place.
Good luck and enjoy!
hotel or villa ??
thanks andy
i guess there are no hotels to recommend in the akbuk area, and only one villa.

everyone must be fully booked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good to see it is so busy in october.

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