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Horizon Sky - Furniture Available
Hi – we’ve purchased a property on phase 1 (block 18) at Horizon Sky near Iasos, and are very much looking forward to our first holiday over there this summer – 7 weeks and counting.

We decided to furnish it ourselves rather than just go for the standard furniture pack and took a trip over to Bodrum a little while ago to sort it out. We spent days searching for the right items and organising delivery.

Since we’ve been back in the UK someone (no names) has decided she’d now like a different colour scheme and that means we need different furniture. :wallbash:

I’m REALLY looking forward to driving around Bodrum again furniture shopping…..:eek:hwell:

So we now have some very nice, good quality furniture that’s never been used, which needs to find a new home.

I’m hoping that someone else with a property on Horizon Sky (or another property nearby) who is looking to furnish it themselves would like to buy some (or all) of these items. All of the items are in keeping with the high quality and contemporary design of the properties.

The items available are:

2 seater bed-settee
3 seater bed-settee
Dining Table + 6 chairs
Double bed frame
Bedside cabinets x 2
Coffee table

If you email me I’ll send photos and give you an idea of price.




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Horizon Sky - Furniture Available
Hi Ben,

can you send me across details we are planning to fly out in a couple of weeks to furnish our town house so may save us some time.




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Horizon Sky - Furniture Available
hi Ben

We are going to furnish ourselves too although we are not completed yet and are looking at augustish so may not be ready in time to buy your furniture... would be great to see photos though just in case and also any tips for good shops would be much appreciated.

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