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Honeybees are in serious decline
Good post Martyn, saw a tv prog regarding this, it really is so serious, i now look at bees and consider them as an endangered species. Love driving from Torba cross roads to Yali and seeing the hives along the way.



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Honeybees are in serious decline
We've got hundreds of hives here in the Kaya Valley.

It can be a bit of a bugga if you're out for a walk and find 50+ hives lined up along a pathway. One trick, although by no means guaranteed to work, is to walk about 10 metres behind the hives as there will be far fewer bees at ground level at that distance and direction from the hive.

If you can't get behind the hives just cover yourself as best as you can, walk at a normal pace, don't wave your arms about and don't open your mouth.


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Honeybees are in serious decline
Most important is to make sure your hair is covered - especially if you've got long hair like I have!!!!


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Honeybees are in serious decline
The humble little honeybee is one of my favourite insects,because of the way they just go about their business pollinating the plants to aid the plant to produce the flower and the fruit we all enjoy for survival.They can be a nuisance to the one’s that have a fear towards the bee,due to many reasons,whether it is an allergy they have from the venom or the lack of respect towards the be caused by ignorance.But the fact is we cannot live without this little friend of ours and must be treated with full respect.

The flowering pollen grains from the male organs of the stamen produces pollen in order to fertilize the female plant for the fruit to produce it’s bounty.The pollen from each different plant is unique to it’s species.So the pollinators with the pollen from that one particular same plant from the male can only fertilize that same plant with female flowers.
Even though the bee is a very important pollinator in our world for survival,there are also many other pollinators that can do the job as well.

Many male plants depends on the breeze to transport the pollen to the female plant of that same species.Water is another one transporting the pollen to the water plants.Of course there are disadvantages in this type of pollinating method,because they have to produce a lot of pollen to be successful for the female to produce the goods.And can only produce if the plant is near and not in high densities.This is why during the early summer season,people suffer from hay fever.

The most efficient method is the dispatching of the male pollen to the female from the pollinators.What encourages them to pollinate is the plant offers them a reward called nectar.The male produces the pollen for the pollinator to get a good dusting of the stuff while reaching in the male organs for the nectar.The pollinator then takes the pollen to the female plant to fertilize and does the same by reaching down for the nectar.

Insects are far better at pollinating then the other methods.lt will be sad not to see the bees buzzing away amongst all the flowers and producing the honey we love.But at least there are others .l know butterflies,moths ,beetles, wasps birds, and many species of hoover flies do pollinate,but they do not produce the honey we cherish.

So we must consider carefully and take into account of the damage human activity can inflict on the environment if we ignore all the warning signs.The intensive farming has destroyed many wild flowers which produces a rich source of nectar for the pollinators.ln the fields of the farmlands are plants of the same with their genetic coding interfered with .Also in place of these once natural meadows is an urban sprawl of concrete that is destroying the habitat of the pollinators.This can lead to many problems for the natural environment we solely rely on for our survival.
Humans can live in harmony with nature if we stopped this selfish behaviour of what we can gain through materialistic rewards instead of thinking of what we can gain through a mental well being reward.Money fuels urban sprawl and ignores the importance of what nature does provide for us to keep a mental wealth in place.

The mite that has been introduced in the area was caused by human activity interfering against the laws of nature,where mans laws will always be more inferior since they never work to achieve a harmony with the world.lf we look at these laws.The mite would never have been introduced in an area where it is causing a lot of problems if the laws of nature were taken into account.Prevention is better then cure so they say.lf that’s the case,then humans must instigate the laws of nature to stop all these problems later on in life,that we have ignored ,but instead sided with man’s laws.

The bee will triumphant over the selfish laws that were enforced by man for the sole breeding for greed and ignore of what the consequences will be in the future.
For God sake you humans get a grip and look what you can achieve,not what you can materialistically gain
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