Honesty is the best policy
Here is a good story for today

'Hundreds of Argentines have been donating to a taxi driver who found a bag with $32,500 (£21,600) in cash in his taxi and returned it to its owners.

The donations started after a website was set up in his honour calling for gestures of gratitude for what is seen as an extraordinary act of honesty.

So far the equivalent of $14,580 has been donated, according to the site. '​

Full story here;

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Honest taxi driver reaps rewards

I got undercharged by Wickes this morning, I'd better get back there and own up and get back pronto and knock up a website. Obviously you all donate to my cause because of my honesty.:roundgrin
Honesty is the best policy
Did the taxi driver not get a reward from the owners of the money?

If I am being honest while I admire him for not succumbing to temptation in a country where it would take him quite some time to earn that amount of money...I also think he did the morally and legally correct thing and most of us would have done the same without material reward.

Nice for people to do this but will every honest person expect rewarding in this way, possible in Argentina from now on...:roundgrin

Honesty is its own reward!

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