Am I pretty ?
Home towns in common
Born in Chippenham in Wiltshire, misspent youth in Bath in Somerset, lived in Melksham in Wiltshire most of my married life, ended up in Corsham in Wiltshire for the last few months before we came to Turkey. Sold all our properties, nothing in UK.
Anyone know this area ? Where do you come from ?


The Carnwath Massive
Home towns in common
born in crumpsall, brought up in gorton and ardwick until I was 6, moved to Burnage, left there at 23/4, bought a house in great moor stockport, married in 1984 in stockport, moved to high lane in 1986 moved to my present house in the high peak in 1999, presently up for sale.

pretty much a real "say it as it is mancunian, think we are all like that"


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